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About Us

The Law Offices of Arnold N. Kriss has been serving the New York community for almost thirty years, representing clients, both institutional and individuals, who have legal problems in many diverse fields.

It is the law firm’s mission to provide quality legal services to a client no matter what the legal matter is. Understanding, that the client wants A+ representation, whether it is a routine house closing to a complex criminal, civil or commercial matter.

With this in mind, the Law Offices of Arnold N. Kriss provides this high level of representation to each client who becomes part of the over 2,500 clients that this firm has represented. The highest compliment that is paid by a client to the Law Offices of Arnold N. Kriss is to refer a friend or relative who has a legal matter. This is the bedrock of our law practice that has continued us in the legal practice for many years.

In the final analysis, the Law Offices of Arnold N. Kriss will always provide the best and honest advice to a client knowing that the client’s final decision is always based on our assessment of the legal issue. This is critical in resolving any legal matter.

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