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08/11/2016 Sun Sentinel – Op-Ed: What Ed Koch would say about Trump, by Arnold Kriss:

If former New York Mayor Ed Koch was asked what he thought about Donald Trump, one word would be delivered in Ed’s trademark nasal New York accent. Meshuganah!”

06/27/2016 The Chief Leader: Former NYPD Trials Commissioner: Latest Scandal ‘Rots Core’, by Richard Steier:

What do you do when you are told by a boss to go to the airport and pick up somebody?” Arnold Kriss asked. A Police Officer knows this is improper, “but in the real world, do you give up your boss to IAB [the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau], or do you main­tain the Blue Wall of ­Silence and say nothing?”

05/21/2016 The New York Times: A Manhattan Lawyer’s Slip and Fall, by Benjamin Weiser

Arnold N. Kriss, who went to the courtroom to see Mr. Schlesinger plead guilty this month, said, “I felt embarrassed as a lawyer to sit there.”

05/21/2016 WBAI – City Watch: Listen from 41.23 to 57:05 to hear City Watch Hosts Bich Ha Pham, Larry Schimmel, Mark Dunlea and Bill DiFazio speak to Arnie Kriss about NYPD corruption investigations

05/08/2016 CATS Roundtable Radio Show: Arnold Kriss discusses the call for a new Knapp Commission:

04/25/2016 New York Daily News – Op-Ed: Massive questions behind the blue wall: We need an independent commission to probe NYPD, by Arnold Kriss:

For the first time in over 60 years, top ‪‎NYPD‬ officials are accused of taking money and gifts for favors. Where this will go when the ship-jumping begins and the brass and others start talking to federal prosecutors — non-stop — is anyone’s guess.”

03/28/2016 The Chief-Leader: DA Overcharged Liang, Then Overcompensated, by Richard Steier:

Ken Thompson thought with his head and his heart and he made a tough decision,” said Mr. Kriss, who considers the DA a friend. “He made the decision on the merits, whether you agree with him or not.”

Mr. Kriss also said there were the external factors to consider, from the stairwell being dark to the pairing of Officers Liang and Landau, that represented agency failures that contributed to the tragedy. “You’ve got a Housing Authority where there were no lights, and a Police Department that put two rookie officers together. Police Officers have to be better trained to do this job when they do these dangerous patrols, putting their lives on the line every day.”

01/21/2016 New York Law Journal: ‘Tough’ Trial Expected for Cop Charged in Stairwell Shooting, by Andrew Keshner:

This jury will have a tough time on this case,” said Arnold Kriss, a former Brooklyn prosecutor and now a Manhattan defense lawyer who has prosecuted and defended police cases. “We’re talking about the area between civil and criminal culpability, and I think that’s where the defense will zero in on reasonable doubt,” said Kriss, also a former New York City Police Department Deputy Commissioner

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